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In a post-covid world, limiting the spread of disease and infections is of paramount importance in the healthcare setting and at the point of care. At New York Infection Control Consulting Services, we are here to help our clients implement a well thought out, and detailed infection prevention program - designed specifically to help prevent the spread of infections and unwanted health issues in the healthcare setting.

We strive to help healthcare organizations, hospitals, physicians offices and more, to drastically reduce healthcare risks to both patients, and healthcare workers. For more information on any of our vital infection control services, or to perform an audit on your practice/organization, be sure to contact us today!

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Care Risk Review & ASSESSMENT

We perform a thorough audit of your organization's current practices to identify areas of improvement and eliminate any gaps in your infection prevention and control protocols. Helping your organization to gain vital accreditations and ensure the health and wellness of patients and staff members alike!

Infection Control Services

We provide your organization and staff with the vital knowledge and education they need to not only control infection outbreaks when they occur, but to help prevent their spread, and stop future outbreaks in their tracks!

Infection Control Assessment

At New York Infection Control Consulting, we are here to help stifle the spread of disease and infection issues within the healthcare setting - assisting a wide variety of clients, both big and small!

From acute care facilities, dentists and doctor’s offices, to long term care facilities, hospitals and more - the first step is to perform a careful and thorough audit of your organization and its current practices.

Using tools and assessments developed by the Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, we ensure that your current practices are up to par, and identify any key areas of deficiency to guide quality improvement and create a strong infection control protocol specific to your organization and its needs!

For more information on infection control services, or any of our assessment tools and practices, be sure to contact NYICCS today!

Outbreak Management

At NYICCS, we help organizations to implement vital practices to not only control, but to prevent existing and future infection issues in the healthcare setting! We will work closely with your team to create guidelines ensuring you know precisely what to do in the event of an outbreak. From quarantining of infected patients and staff, to alerting governmental agencies and others on the possibility of further outbreak - our goal is to ensure your team is knowledgeable on what steps to take in the face of an outbreak, without wasting vital time and resources.

We work with physicians' practices, long/short term care providers, outpatient clinics, and much more, to implement elements such as an in-house, infection control response team, that will know precisely how to act in the face of an infection control issue.

Contact us today for your infection control risk assessment!

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