Infection Control & Prevention Education

Healthcare workers are some of the hardest working individuals in our society and are often working long hours to cater to patients and clients needs. And with a busy schedule and vital responsibilities on their shoulders, it can be difficult for them to keep up with the standards and practices or latest in infection prevention and control. Despite this, it is a vital piece of education and something they absolutely need to understand. At New York Infection Control Consulting Services, we work with countless healthcare organizations to provide their staff with the education needed to properly handle and execute infection control and prevention protocols and plans.

Stay on Top of Evolving Rules & Regulations

One of the biggest reasons infection control and prevention can be difficult to keep up with is the fact that policies and rules are constantly evolving and changing, just as infectious diseases are themselves! Our team is constantly updating our knowledge base to stay on top of the latest standards and practices in infection control and prevention and will work with your healthcare facility to stay on top of this knowledge as well.

Infection Control & Prevention Will Assist in:

  • Educating staff and management on identifying outbreaks and infectious disease issues.
  • Establishing clear cut plans to prevent the outbreak and spread of infections and infectious disease issues.
  • Creating a plan of action on managing outbreaks.
  • Establishing an outbreak management team.

And much more!

At New York Infection Control Consulting Services, we will work with your staff and management to establish a series of guidelines and protocols to not only ensure the health and safety of all patients and staff, but to ensure compliance and accreditation from countless state and federal healthcare agencies. We provide the education and training necessary for your staff to identify possible outbreaks, before they occur, and most importantly, to prevent these outbreaks from developing! For more information on infection control and prevention education or to create infection control guidelines for your staff, be sure to contact us today. 

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