Outbreak Investigations

When an outbreak occurs, the first thing to do is to mobilize your in-house response team and work out a plan of action to prevent any further spread of infectious diseases. Once you prevent the spread, and quarantine any infected parties, you need to look at treatment options for those who have been infected.

However, one thing thats often overlooked is the investigation of the outbreak that needs to follow. One of the most important parts of any good infection prevention and control protocol is learning from past mistakes and outbreaks. This is why a careful and thorough investigation of an outbreak is important.

At NYICCS, we can help your team to perform such an investigation, as well as to educate your in-house response team on the correct methods of performing such an investigation and tracing back all infections to their source, to identify precisely what caused the spread to occur.

This can not only help us to prevent such outbreaks from occuring in the future, but can also play a key role in stifling the current outbreak as well.

For more information on performing your own outbreak investigation or educating your response team in the proper method of performing such an investigation, be sure to contact NYICCS today.

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