Infection Control Services

In today’s modern world, infection and disease issues are rampant, and infection control is a vital service for countless organizations across New York City and beyond! With years of experience in the healthcare industry, New York Infection Control Consulting Services has provided countless organizations with infection prevention and control services, fully tailored to meet their specific needs.

Why Does Your Organization Need Infection Control Services?

With infection issues on the rise, across the world, organizations, in and outside the healthcare world, are in desperate need of infection control. At New York Infection Control Consulting Services, we provide clients with vital reporting, and advice on improving their standards and practices to ensure the health and safety of clients, customers, employees and more. 

Infection prevention and control plans are vital for many organizations and are mandated by a number of federal and state agencies in order for hospitals, medical practices, and other facilities to gain accreditation. We provide clients with risk assessment and assist them in creating a plan of action to ensure the spread and overall prevention of infectious diseases like the Coronavirus and more.

Who We Service

New York Infection Control Consulting Services provides vital consulting and infection control services to a wide range of clients, all over New York City and beyond. Our clients include:

  • Acute Care Facilities
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Ambulatory Centers
  • Physician’s Practices
  • Dental Offices

And many other industries and businesses.

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